You are not going to believe the story I'm about to tell you but I swear everything I'm about to tell you is true.

I've always loved drinking Rum and Orange Juice and have sampled many different types of rums over the years in the process. About twenty years ago I found myself lying on a beach in Negril Jamaica enjoying the sun and listening to the sounds of the surf while sipping my favorite Rum drink. And while certainly "inspired", as fate would have it, the words to a song came to me, which I wrote down. When got home, I went down to a local recording studio with my guitar and laid down a few tracks for fun. Several months later I was presented a rough CD with an added bass, girl vocals, and some steel drums. In my wildest dreams I never imagined singing on a recording but, after hearing the potential, I was hooked! From this humble beginning I went on to record my song "Naked in Jamaica."

Over the years I've sampled different Rums, mixing them together, trying to come up with what I thought best mixed with Orange Juice. And while some Rums taste great by themselves, something happens when you mix them with other flavors and the blends don't always taste so great. As fate would have it again, located just five miles from my house is Florida Caribbean Distillers in Auburndale, FL. Working in the lab with Director Stacy Woodward, I quickly learned that mixology is an art, NOT a science. After many attempts, we came up with what I felt was just the right Rum to mix with Orange Juice.

Over the years I've noticed that whenever I ordered a Rum and OJ at a bar or restaurant, I usually got a funny look . . . because everyone assumes you mix Vodka with Orange Juice. Think about it, EVERY tropical island drink is basically RUM with FRUIT JUICE! I have since come to realize the reason nobody ever came up with a Rum and Orange Juice drink is because the World has been patiently waiting for me to come up with Naked in Jamaica Rum! So, move over Screwdriver (Vodka and OJ) . . . there's a new drink in town . . . and it's called a "Naked in Jamaica!"